Ceremonial Burning (of a turtleneck)

28 August - September 19

Installation images
Ceremonial Burning (of A Turtleneck),  the inaugural exhibition of SCREW Gallery, a new artist-run space in Leeds. Our aim is to bring international contemporary art to Leeds, whilst providing regular opportunities for proposals from artists and curators. SCREW provides an open and welcoming space for contemporary art discourse without mitigating the work we show.

In an art world increasingly dominated by academic and industrial structure, the emphasis is shifted to the work of artists contextualised by their proximity to one another and the viewer, as opposed to a diagnostic academic system or market analysis. Interpretation is focused on the context in which the work is shown, defined not only by a geographic location but more significantly by the content of the exhibited works in relation to each other - their language defined by their company.

The works on show are connected by their desire to address the aforementioned structures as a framework through which art can be proliferated, not defined. Ceremonial Burning (of A Turtleneck) collects works in opposition to art as a bureaucratic structure, emphasising the act of making as not just integral to art, but as the defining characteristic of contemporary artistic discourse.

Works by:

Sam Hutchinson

Fern O’Carolan

Allan Gardner

Jack Kennedy

Harley Roberts

Michael Sangster

Edd Carr