A Moment’s Violence 


30 October - 14 November

Installation images
After the queen mother died, the BBC news subtitles said we would have moments violence instead of as a moment’s silence. Wouldn’t that have been nice!

So here it is, my celebration of emancipation, whether violent or friendly; it’s the World Cup final 2006 and The Paris Commune, it's the seagulls following the trawler and it's Dennis Rodman singing Happy Birthday to Kim Jong-Un. It’s something to sleep under and something to put your things in. It’s a way of proving you exist and a way of surviving.Exhibition of drawings, textiles and prints with a special edition book published by Former Headquarters.

As part of Dudley's exhibition, a free deed poll workshop was ran on Saturday 30th October aimed at trans and non-binary people (but also with anyone for name dysphoria), to create a document that could be used legally to change ones name.